I got a fever and the only prescription is spinning…

After the Homespun Yarn Party I got hit with the fever…the sickness that hits every fiber enthusiast; the need to spin my own yarn. At first it was more a longing to learn & create my own yarn. Then it turned into such a strong desire to spin that I couldn’t take it anymore. I made the announcement to Angela on the drive back to Keedysville, MD that I needed one of the spindles & some roving.

I immediately took it home, and even though I needed to get my sleep…I started a leader and spun about half a foot of yarn before I passed out. The next evening I did nothing but spin. Then, the next night that same behavour followed….and the next night and so on.

It got so bad that within less than a week I had spun up 2 oz. of fiber. Not the best, but certainly not the worst.  There are definately underspun sections and overspun sections.  But that is okay, this is my first sttempt with spinning. I don’t expect perfection right out the gate.

So, this past monday evening I plied my yarn. And this is the result:

I am planning on giving this handspun to my little sister, perhaps knit up as something OR as is. We will see how I feel. But I figure since I am lame and can’t finish her socks due to running out of yarn, I’ll frog her socks and make a different pattern and then give her this handspun for Easter.

And now, I am addicted to spinning. I can’t wait for Maryland Sheep & Wool. Hopefully I won’t go too crazy. 😉


~ by faireattention on March 25, 2009.

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