Getting ready for the Yarngasm!

I have been tidying up my parent’s house ( yea I live with my parents, LOoOONG story ).  Anywho.  I’ve been doing this in preparation for my mother’s return from a business trip so that I don’t get the evil phone call demanding I return home to fix whatever I forgot to accomplish while she was gone.

In doing so. It will keep me in the yarnfest that is Stitches East!  Sad, that that is my motivation to clean the house. Like oh, scrub the walls & polish the wood…etc. My hands are going to be so dry & cracked that no one is gonna let me touch their yarn. 😦 Guess I’ll be soaking my hands in Aveeno lotion lol !

Project Updates!! ( pictures to follow once I’ve got the time )

My Green Monkeys are finished & blocking. I cannot wait to show them off at Stitches. However, one of the socks is knit a bit tighter than the other. But with time that kind of thing won’t happen as easily I hope. *shrug*

I started on a pair of ” No Purl Baby Monkeys!”. Which is my adaptation of 3 different knitting patterns. Cookie A’s Monkeys,  No Purl Monkeys’ by CrafyPancakes,  and Baby Monkey’s by Sheri Berger. Wow, that is kind of a long list of credits to the original designs. lol Also on Ravelry I found someone else had come up with a pattern for Baby Monkeys, but they’re just the Cookie A. version.

I am halfway done writing the pattern up so that people can just easily have it all in one place. Cause it sucked trying to make these with 3 different patterns sitting around me. What a waste!! lol Any of you are more than welcome to have the pattern once it is finished. Just message me or leave a comment with your email I’ll you’ll be on my list.

Aside from all of that. I am getting myself super ready for Stitches. I am gonna print out the map of the market, and highlight  ( even colour code  it! ) so I know the importance of places for what I am looking for in yarns.  ( which incidentally I am supposed to have a list of desired yarns/colourways, I’ve got it in my head so far? does that count?! )  Yea….I think I might explode once I get in there.

Poor poor Angela. I’ll be of no use for a significant amount of time. We’ll need to have towels at my feet to soak up the drool…or the urine incase i pee myself due to my giddyness. Just incase yah know…*ahem* Not like that has ever happened or anything…*begins back pedaling* Moving on…lol

I hope to see bunches of you there. I’ll be at the Serendipitous Ewe Booth #439 trying my best to not stuff the Aurora Borealis colourway down my shirt…seriously it is sooo prettttttyyyy! Makes me wanna grab it all and haul ass outta there. lol JUST KIDDING ANG!! *shifty eyes*


~ by faireattention on November 6, 2008.

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