When Monkeys Attack!

Pretty much. Yesterday I was on a mission to ball up all of my skeins of sock yarn & decide what to frog in order to maximize my sock yarn stash.  I ended up with 3 skeins of sock yarn balled & ready for using to alternately work on a pair of socks on DPNs. I am a bit afraid to try magic loop & such. Think for awhile atleast I’ll be sticking to my 2 sets of US #2 DPNs. =D  Moving on from there. I am seriously thinking of frogging my fingerless gloves & my dublin bay socks(DBS). My fingerless gloves are done in a burgundy-purple Fibranatura Yummy sock yarn, and the DBS are done in Dream in Color Smooshy, In Vino Veritas.  Just find the DBS to be boring now after working on the monkey socks. *shrug* Not being mean. I just finally took a leap of faith on my skills & was surprised that *gasp* I can actually knit lace socks.

So below is a look at my first monkey sock(hand-dyed by Serendipitious Ewe ) , my repaired clapotis (bernat cashmere), my kerchief FO ( KPPPM) & my bawls of sock yarn (yarns left to right, dream in color smooshy cool fire, austermann step dune, lornas laces shepherd sock multi tickled pink ).


~ by faireattention on October 29, 2008.

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