Lazy Bloggers Anonymous

Seriously. There should be a LBA group somewhere online. Cause It’s been over a month of belated blog-y-goodness.

So here is the run down.

My birthday came & went on Sept. 22nd ( turned 25 ) and I ended up making my mother’s recipe for Kahlua Cakethe #1 requested cake within my immediate family at B-day & such.  Now I am the “next generation” that knows how to bake it & assemble it. Freakin’ amazing cake. Mmm so good. I also ended up making this same cake for my lil brother’s birthday ( he turned 15 ).  It was the only thing he wanted from me for his birthday, no neckwarmer/socks/scarf/….just a cake. lol I was happy to oblige him in the end because he had 3/4 of the cake to eat on his own. =D He is a growing boy afterall 😉

Yummy Cake!

Yummy Cake!

So then what else? Ah yes. Big news for those of you far & away. I now am “off the market” as they would say.  Enjoy hearing tons about the perfect boyfriend ( for me at least ) and on top of that, Gwen adores him.  I am full of that oh so corny happiness that makes single women sick to their stomaches. Oh well. I was one of them once, long ago..  😉

I’ve got a ton of pictures form the last two weekends to upload. So please be patient. Not quite sure hwo to get the videos off of the camera.  This past weekend ( Oct 25-26) “Mr.Perfect”, Gwen & I went to the Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival in Berryville, VA ( Oct 25th ) & to the Marriott Ranch for their Associate Picnic (Oct 26th) in Hume, Va. All of which was a ton of fun.

The fiber festival was great fun. Though the weather was craptastic.  Our friends at Eleganza Yarns & Serendipitous Ewe were there. Naturally, their yarn selections were great. Angela from Serendipitious Ewe had some new colourways I hadn’t seen yet ( sooooooo pretty! ). Sadly though, I didn’t get to see any new stuff from Kristy via Shalimar Yarns. I’m really looking forward to Stitches East. Cannot wait to see what they all have in store for us. =D

Oh and now onto….current WIPs! My main focus right now is on a pair of Monkey Socks ( via Cookia A, on ) using some lovely ( and oh so soft ) yarn from Angela that she dyed & gave to me for my bday. It’s go a great mix of greens. ( best colours ever! ) I’ve almost completed one sock. But that is mostly due to the traveling this weekend. I CO on Thursday around 7pm at Eleganza’s Sit n Knit.  So it is Monday, not too shabby considering that I’ve been rather busy this weekend. Wish me luck to get them finished by Stitches.

Anywho. I’ll be updating quite a bit this week. So keep you eyes peeled. Hopefully I can get those videos off the camera so I am able to put them on youtube. Gwen got to play with an Angora Bunny rabbit. And she was just too cute. =D  Off to knit/work on my Monkey socks!!!


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