That’s right. Quite a few things I’ve been meaning to blog about. One of which is an update on Branching Out. It’s going along great. I am submitting it to The Great Frederick Fair this coming week. So I’ve gotta finish it, then steam & block it. Hopefully it turns out nicely.

Another item, has been my Log-Cabin-Blanket of stash busting goodness. Seriously, as you can see this blanket has some of the most random colours in it. haha Hot Pink!? Ew…but it’s a stash bustin’ blanket. I’m using everything in my yarn stash that I have as leftovers or I can’t stand to look it for this blanket. I’d love to buy enough yarn to make a really beautiful Log-Cabin Blanket. Greens & Blues would be so pretty. But, I won’t let myself think of it too much until I get this one finished. I mean it…*shifty eyes* lol

Also, my Dublin Bay Socks are in major hibernating mode. So I figure after the scarf is done, I’ll have that one permanently in my car for working on. I figure in about a few weeks worth of sittin’ at the bus stop I should complete the pair. We shall see.

My fingerless gloves are coming along. I’ve got one finished, I just need to sew in the ends and then start on the next one. It’s a really easy beginner-dpn project. Perhaps that project will live in my car haha. I know I’ll have plenty of yarn left over from it to do something with. Maybe I’ll make some lavender sachets. *ponders*

OH! And my first dyeing experiment. I overdyed the same yarn I am using for the Brancing Out scarf, but I wanted it to be more green. GO go Green Kool-Aid & sprinkles of yellow here and there. I think next time I’ll use 2 packets of green and one of yellow. It kind of gets this neat grass green colour. Not quite Kelly Green. But it’ll do. =D

So there it is. The update that has been looming over my head for almost a week now. I had planned to put these pics/updates on my Ravelry site. But….yea. I’ve been a bit preoccupied. It’s kinda hard to concentrate on my scarf let alone try to be techno-geeky and upload some pics. Yea…*sigh* I’ve had such a good week. Perhaps it is a good thing I’ve been delaying my  blog.

LIttle side note. I have recently taken to carrying around a cable needle in my wallet/coin pursy-thingy-mah-bob. I had to use it the other day to jimmy open a grocery store cart seat-belt buckle. Talk about a multi-tasking item. Alton Brown would be so proud! =D


~ by faireattention on September 5, 2008.

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