My First Cookbook & etc.

Every home I have ever been to in my life, has had at least one cookbook. Some cookbooks are general, while others are very specific. Whether the cookbooks are for children, expert home-cooks or a college student scrambling for a quick dinner recipe; everyone has a use for one.

In my family, we have had generations of great cooks. My earliest memories have always been in the kitchens of the women on both sides of my family. And, so when the “great flood of randomness” happened, ( I flooded the basement because a pipe burst, through no fault of my own ) I had to move boxes off of the floor where the water was. In doing so, my Mother & I came across boxes of cookbooks. One of which caught my eye. It was my first cookbook that my Grandmother gave me when I was 9 years old.

It is just so kitschy, I love it.

About a year ago I was at Wonder Book & Video in Frederick, MD looking for something, but I had no clue what really. I perused my normal Anne McCaffrey books and Biographies, didn’t find much that I wanted. I turned the corner and there it was, the cookbook section. After about, 20 minutes I came away with this jewel.

This book has been considered by some, the gold standard of cookbooks. To boot it is tough to find, even in this condition. And it cost me all of $9. Beat that Barnes & Noble! I don’t use it very often due to the book’s binding slowly fraying. But when I need a recipe I can’t find anywhere else, I go to this book.


~ by faireattention on August 28, 2008.

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