The Trouble with Branching Out

I’ve been trying to find a very pretty lace pattern that is good for an advanced beginner. Figured was the best place to start.

I found Branching Out .

I read the pattern and discovered that it doesn’t seem too difficult.  I give it a go and do pretty well for my first attempt. ( my gauge was a bit tighter than I needed ) Until I hit Row 9. Then all hell broke loose. Pretty much I had 26 stitches on the needle but NO idea what to do with 3 of the stitches because they were left out of the pattern somehow by me.  I frogged. And I am going to try it again. But I will be really upset if I mess it up again. Perhaps I screwed it up on Row 7. I’ve got no clue how to do a k3tog. Just knit 3 together like you would for a k2tog?! Grrr. I want this lace project to be what I submit for the Frederick Fair. I’ve only got about 2 weeks to get this done. Hopefully it will work out. Attempt #2 begins today at some point.


~ by faireattention on August 27, 2008.

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