Redux on Branching Out

Alrighty, so I dug in deep. And I mean…deep.

Being the anti-pattern knitter that I am, going lace wasn’t the “best” idea. Because I get easily frustrated. But after getting all of my frustrations out by vacuuming & dusting.  I decided to give this scarf another go ’round. And it has been fabulous!

Thanks to one very lovely raveler via the Knittyheads group: ZantiMissKnit

I watched all of my stitches like a hawk, then got medieval on the pattern’s ass and made 3X5 flashcards for every row in the charted pattern. Let the dental floss ensue! I had never heard of using dental floss as a lifeline for your pattern repeat. But after I almost had a mishap, I think I will be using it for every 10 rows of the pattern. It will save me a lot of time. My mom said my scarf looks like crocheting. *sigh* Silly lady! I’ve gotta finish, steam, pin & block it out before you can see the full effect. =D

Ok so I am completely aware that the first pic is a bit too dark and the second has insane-o flash going on. But, it is around 6.30pm EST and so natural light is out of the question. But I had to find a way to show the lace pattern without it being all sorts of crappy. So forgive me. As a bargaining chip I threw in a picture of the yarn I am using for this project.  It looks so pretty in the corner pocket of the pool table.  I’ll be posting updates on this scarf as it progresses every few days. So keep your eyes peeled!


~ by faireattention on August 27, 2008.

One Response to “Redux on Branching Out”

  1. Yay!!! I’m glad to have been of help! It looks great — I love the color of the yarn.

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