And God said “Let there be Brittany Needles.” And it was good.

Today I received my two replacement US Size 2 Double Pointed Needles ( DPNs) from:

Which I was so incredibly excited about. I love their 5 year replacement guarantee, when I got them I was worried as soon as I saw the “guarantee”. Because whenever there is a guarantee plastered on something I use, I break it. Usually within a week. Well while trying my hand at cables the tension was way too tight and I broke my needle. It just snapped. And I about cried. That was the first time I have ever broken a needle. Hopefully, from now on I will only be buying Brittany needles so I don’t have to stress about breaking a birch/bamboo needle.

Also on the knitting front…

Long ago, I became obsessed with WWII. Every single aspect of WWII to be exact. I love the fact that in WWI & WWII Americans & other countries alike took the time to help the troops. And I suppose I wish I had lived during an era when it was expected of all Americans to contribute something for the betterment of the country. So now, D-Day: The National World War II Museum in New Orleans asks Americans to once again “Knit Your Bit” for veterans. What is very unique about this charity is that they use original Red Cross supplied patterns that were in fact used during WWII. Another bit of trivia for those of you that don’t think knitting was an important part of WWII…wool was listed as one of the top resources for the Allied Victory.


~ by faireattention on August 25, 2008.

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