Epic Failure

Jar of Medevil Torture Devices..er I mean knitting tools =D

Jar of Medieval Torture Devices..er I mean knitting tools =D

So, once again I got myself into a pickle. I decided to partake in the Ravelympics on Ravelry.com for some fun. Well, I got preoccupied with lots of those things that I didn’t finish anything I had set out to do. Well that is not true, I started & finished a cowl. But to be honest, I wasn’t too happy with it. I think I had increased too much on it, so it is a bit wonky after being put through the wash. Which is alright I suppose.

I’ve got single project syndrome. AKA I can’t seem to finish anything but one project a month. Which is silly.

Here is a run down fo the projects I had planned to tackle/finish:

Log-Cabin Blanket

Gwen’s Baby Blanket ( started over a year ago!! )

Azure-Blue Socks ( single sock syndrome!! )

Finger-less Gloves ( single glove syndrome )

Plarn Grocery Bag

Baby Bib ( only have to steam & block after weaving in ends )

Arabella Scarf

I guess I am just not a finisher anymore. Even worse, I have been getting more yarn that I only buy 1-3 skeins of and then can’t figure out what to do with. Or I’ve got 5 skeins, and don’t think I have enough for a cropped sweater or shrug. Plus I am in pattern mode. So all I want is to mindlessly follow someone else’s designs, instead of coming up with my own. But I can’t seem to find patterns that I “have” to have. Grrr!

Though, I’ve been listening to tons of limenviolet podcasts & stash & burn. Which are great for getting me in the mood to knit. But with all of the insanity going on my way I just can’t knit for long. The desktop computer I use, died on me. And so did the hard drive, which I didn’t back up any of my info. So my 3 weeks worth of research & planning for my online yarn shop just went down the toilet. Epic Failure. I just can’t bring myself to start all of that work over again right now. I don’t even know where to begin again. Ugh, I am getting all gloom & doom.

Anyways, besides all of that it dawned on me that I hadn’t started my blog I have been meaning to start ( for about 5 months now ). The point of this is to help me organize my thoughts and figure out the direction I am going in with my projects & shop. Otherwise, if I don’t get this out of my system I think I will go absolutely insane. And then those of you reading this will call 911 and have them cart me away to the loony bin. And I just can’t have that ” Girl, Interrupted” moment of my life. At least, not until I am a shopping cart lady with pigeon feces all over my clothing. =D lol


~ by faireattention on August 24, 2008.

One Response to “Epic Failure”

  1. sometimes i feel the same way…. really uninspired to create.
    but then one day, BLAM, you can’t stop the creativity from flowing. its a waiting game.

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